Foreplay Tips: Please Your Woman In Bed

saying-i-love-you-in-bedIt is a guy’s responsibility to make sure that his woman is sexually satisfied. Actual penetration is not what always matters. Foreplay is what determines if the sex is good or bad. Most people don’t actually know what to touch, when to touch and how to touch. Touching is a major part of foreplay, along with kissing and teasing. Here are foreplay tips that will definitely make your sex game better and leave your girl wanting more.

1. Oral sex

This comes top (for most women) as it is the ultimate and surest way to get your woman begging. However, be aware that not all women like oral sex, either giving or receiving. Ask first. If you’re a newbie, it is not difficult to find the clitoris. You can ask her to point it for you if you are having a hard time locating it. Believe me, she will be all too happy to show you where to start! Licking this part will get her totally aroused. Do this softly and smoothly.

2. Talk dirty

Many ladies like to talk dirty, sometimes even in public. Take advantage of this when you are out on a date. Lean in close and whisper what you’d like to do to her in her ear. Let your words and your hot breath on her neck drive her wild until you are alone.

3. Use your fingers

Touch her hot zones softly. Focus on the neck, waist line, inner thighs and he back. Rub these places keenly making sure she feels your touch well. After a while when she seems to want you really bad, penetrate one or two fingers into her, this will undoubtedly leave her yearning for you to actually penetrate her. Play around with the vagina area, softly and naughtily.

4. Watch erotica together

This may sound odd and you may think that your girl may not like the idea. Don’t be surprised by the positive response you will get after trying this out. Most women don’t like to admit that they like watching porn but they actually do. It is a great way to start thing up and get both of you into the mood. She’ll end up forgetting all that has been bothering her and only thinking of you and what you are about to do to her. Arousal will be easy if both of you are in the mood.

Don’t forget to kiss, a lot. Never have I heard of anyone who doesn’t like kissing. When touching her, don’t try too hard to focus on touching on the sensitive areas only. She’ll love and appreciate it if you touch her whole body.

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